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Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of a conference call with president obama and other mayors and governors. >> first the president once again underscored his commitment to doing everything possible to help in every state and city that has been affected by sandy. he indicated that he is prepared to make sure we cut through all the red tape so that the federal assistance as needed which of course is need more by some than others, will be made immediately available. and he indicated this could have been a lot worse. he said i'm looking out my window and i see there's a mess out here but all my people are at work. so it looks like things are moving along. >> reporter: the d.c. government and schools closed two days, are to reopen on wednesday. and early voting will resume. the city also has canceled a controversial $15 surcharge for any taxi cab ride. >> we'll work to get things moving back as they should be. >> reporter: during this tour, the mayor was glad to see that the flood prone neighborhood of bloomingdale in near northwest made it through without serious damage. city work crews had spent several days in advance, cleari
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, president obama wrapped up a noose conference after he toured the devastation in new jersey. there he is, alongside new jersey governor chris christie. the president viewed the devastation from both the air and on the ground first hand today. in his remarks just moments ago, the president said this is a federal, state and local effort. an he thanked the people involved in the rescue and recovery effort. he also promised to follow up to make sure victims get the help they need. >> most importantly, our heards go out to the families who have lost loved ones. it's true that because of some good preparation, the loss of life was kept lower than it might have been. but for those individual families, obviously their world has been torn apart. we needed to make sure that everybody two has lost a loved one knows they're in our thoughts and prayers. i speak for the whole country there. >> before heading to new jersey today, the president visited fema headquarters here in washington. >>> it's still a dangerous situation in hoboken, new jersey tonight, with much of the city under water. officials b
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
class. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. >> as the candidates began their closing arguments in the battleground, lines were long for absentee voting in fairfax county. this obama supporter doesn't think any storms will cause any major shift in the presidential contest but hopes there might be a slight lead for president obama. >> because of the storm, if i had to say something's going to get a bump, i guess it would be obama, because he's out front showing leadership, paying attention to the needs of the people. >> reporter: meantime, this romney supporter worries sandy might have sucked some momentum out of the race on both sides. >> momentum sort of disappeared. nobody was really thinking about it. nor did they care for a while. i think it hasn't come back to where it was before. whether that's going to have an effect, i hope not. because we need everybody to go out. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from those voters and others about the decisions they made today, and what they think is going to happen in battleground vir
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >>> we've got to show you this. th ere was a strange sight during megan mcgrath's live shot earlier today. she was reporting about conditions in the bloomingdale conditions in northeast washington, then she saw this. this guy, it was bad enough that he was only wearing shorts in the cold, wet rain. but what really got us was his mask. it's a horse mask. yes, a horse mask. the guy was walking up and down the street. he did that for a little while and he raised both his hands in triumph. ey, he's the winner. he won, we don't know what, but he won something. then he just trotd off. i guess halloween can't get here early enough for him. >> while our area braces for the worst of sandy, others are already coping with, yes, snow and some serious damage. >> news4's jim rosenfield is here with the story. >> pat and jim, those were odd
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4